Marinska Zagora


If you go for a few kilometres further inland you will experience the authentic atmosphere. This exceptionally well-perserved area is rich in many archaeological sites. This is an area in which are preserved the orginal Dalmatian traditions and culture with its customs, costumes and local gastronomy. Almost untouched nature and numerous well preserved traditional villages with the orginal stone houses stand out. Village Blizna (Blysa), situated between villages Bristavice and Mitla, at the foot of the mountain Vialja on the territory of the medieval Drid county, was first metioned in 1251. It was long claimed by both Šibenik and Trogir. St. Mary’s Church from 9th century, which was mentioned in Trogir's documets in 1300 , is situated out of village.

Around the church is a cemetery with medieval tombstones – “stećci“, and old gravestones, and an Early Croatian necropolis was discovered in 2000. The cemetery belonging to the village Blizna Gornja is an archaeological site in a karstic field on the very border between Trogir and Šibenik, on a location abundant in spring water and with a puddle which never peters during summer draughts.


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