Sevid is an ideal place for a quiet holiday away from the city noise and large tourist centers. Accommodation in Sevid can be found in one of the luxury villas, holiday homes or in one of the many apartments and there you can enjoy the untouched nature and crystal clear sea. On the southern slopes of Sevid, in the area Krč, there are archaeological remains of the Church of St. Vitus, after who Sevid was named. In Sevid you can enjoy the crystal clear sea on one of the many beaches and hidden coves that are found throughout the peninsula.

One of the most beautiful coves is Stari Trogir (Old Trogir), which is also an archaeological park, adorned with sandy beaches, clear water and the remains of a Roman villa. The buildings of the complex were built on the cliffs which provides further into the sea and land towards the vineyards. The northwest-southeast orientation of the complex was determined by the configuration of the terrain. The height of the walls throughout the complex varies from 1 to 3 meters. The walls were built of rough-hewn stone, and have an  irregular structure and connected with solid limestone and waterproof plaster. This archaeological site was not researched, and it is not possible to determine its purpose with certainty.



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