Cycling trails

We hope that the newly constructed recreational trails will contribute to the development of Marina as a sports and recreation destination. Due to the fact that we make part of the Cycle- Croatia program, our trails are linked to the trails of the municipalities of Primošten and Rogoznica and we hope that they will be recognized by a large number of foreign and local cycling clubs, travel agencies or alliances and that their activities will be focused towards this area.

Whether you're an amateur or a professional you will certainly enjoy cycling through the woods or by the sea. This might be the best way to experience this environment, to buy a homemade wine or olive oil and to relax under the shadow of a pine tree on a secluded beach. By riding along these trails you will get the opportunity to enjoy the untouched nature and the hospitality of the local people. Each trail is enriched with a gastronomical offer throughout which you can taste the local cuisine and spend a night in a private accommodation. It has been created properly for you!

In the attachment you can download the map of the cycling trails in the municipality of Marina.

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