Traveling during pandemic

We provide information and travel advice that should be helpful if you have already booked a holiday in Marina municipality or are considering a holiday for later this year or next year. Croatia currently has a low incidence  caused by Covid-19 pandemic. The impact has been much less than in the principal European holiday destinations like Spain, France, Italy.
The Croatian government has begun easing social distancing measures that were implemented to limit caused by pandemic and life is slowly getting back to normal.
The following have reopened with precautionary measures: stores, shopping malls, libraries, museums, galleries, service-based industries, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, religious institutions and services, health and beauty industries, sports venues, playgrounds and national parks, preschools and elementary schools (grades 1-4). Public transportation between cities has resumed including air, land and rail traffic as well as boat connections for islands. A pass is no longer needed to travel throughout Croatia.

On 11 May border crossings on major routes were reopened for limited traffic, including foreign nationals who have real estate in the country, who own a boat in Croatia, have close family members in Croatia (spouse or children), are attending funerals or have been invited by a Croatian entity for business purposes. If unsure, you can write to the Croatian Ministry of Interior to ask whether you will be permitted entry.
Entry rules have been eased to remove the need for a 14 day period of self-isolation but visitors are advised to follow local advice. Check the latest regulations before travelling HERE
Croatia’s minister of tourism has consistently given positive messages about Croatia being open for tourism this summer. However scientists and medical advisers tend to strike a more cautious note and most announcements regarding a timetable for opening borders are qualified by reference to any changes being subject to agreement from epidemiologists.

Given the circumstances sailing schedule is subject to change. We invite you to follow these instruction:
–              purchese tickets online or via Jadrolinija mobile app.
–              avoid cash payments at the sales points and use card payment
–              when at the agency, keep a distace of 2 meters from other passengers
–              during the journey please stay in your vehicles and if you are staying in passinger area we recommend to wear a mask.
–              Check the offical Jadrolinija WEBSITE regulary, through you will be informed about all changes.


In accordance with the safety and precautionary guidelines issued by the WHO, we advise the following measures:
•             Remain at least one meter away from other people and avoid all crowded places where possible.
•             Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds.
•             Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue (not your hands) when sneezing or coughing.
•             Clean and disinfect regularly touched objects and surfaces to reduce the risk of spreading germs.
•             Persons with a fever are strongly recommended to stay at home, limit all social contacts as much as possible, and to seek medical advice.