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Municipality of Marina - beautiful nature, untouched beaches, clear sea and lots of fun for the whole family

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  • Walk down the streets of Marina and listen to the story of the brave women who, in 1657, embarked on an armed defense of the town against the assault of the Turkish army. Of the thirty girls who participated in combat in men's uniforms, we know the names of only three: the widow Kata Despotova, the widow Matuša Škrljina, and the girl Jela Marunova, who, by burning a barrel of gunpowder, destroyed a tower and killed several Turks.
  • Dive into the Vinišće sea and discover the first station of the unique submarine Way of the Cross, the only one of its kind in the world, which gradually emerges in the Jelinak cove of Vinišće. The figures are laid at a depth of several meters and are accessible to those who do not have diving experience.
  • The essence of the Marina area is concentrated in its ripe fruits. Don't miss the taste of Marine olives, olive oil, and dried figs, products that owe their high nutritional value and distinctive gastronomic excellence to both their local origins and traditional manner of processing.
  • Look for local fishermen or visit local restaurants and enjoy fresh fish and seafood prepared in the traditional way.
  • Local and country roads are ideal for hiking and biking. Explore the beauties of the Marina coast and hinterland actively, by using walking and cycling trails. Learn about them and embark on an adventure!
  • Find your place to enjoy the sea! The entire coastline of the Marina Municipality is rich in bays and beaches with magical pebble and sandy beaches. Discover some of them, in Ljubljevo, Voluje and Stari Trogir.