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Bliznica pond (Blizna Gornja)

Lokva Bliznica ("Old Pond"), after which the village Blizna is named, is located at the northern end of today's municipality of Marina, near the border of the former Trogir and Šibenik communes, inherits millennial traces of human habitation and intensive living in this area, socio-cultural transformations intertwined with intense historical events.

It is located along the northern edge of the fertile karst field in the middle of natural communication which passes through the valley on the south side of the mountains Boraja and Vilaja (highest peaks of Trogir-Rogoznica hinterland) connecting Seget Gornji and Grebaštica cove. Not far from the pond itself is the Pijač well, which is probably fed from the same natural source.

The oldest finds discovered near the pond indicate human habitation in this area as early as the Stone Age (Upper Paleolithic and Neolithic / Eneolithic).

In the immediate vicinity of the pond there is a bike stop that offers cyclists rest and relaxation in beautiful nature environment.