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Bliznice pond (Zgona)

Bliznice pond is the largest and most beautiful pond in the Marina area. It is located in the central part of a smaller karst valley on the hilly plateau of Zgona, which stretches northwest of the fields of the villages of Gustirna and Dograde.  In the middle there is a small embankment that divides it into two parts, that is, two puddles. In the nearby the ponds there is a picnic area with picnic benches.

The Bliznice pond preserves one of the oldest traces of human presence in the Marina area - during the cleaning of the pond, fragments of ceramic pottery were found, decorated with the so-called impresso technique (imprinting the top of the shell into clay before baking), which date from the early phase of the Stone Age or Neolithic (6500 - 4600 BC), at the time of the founding of the first permanent settlements in this area.

The beauty of Bliznice makes it worth to visit the area in any season, but especially in the spring, during the flowering of water lilies, whose floating blossoms add a “mystical” note to the beauty of this place.