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Šalov olive oil farm

The world of liquid treasure

Follow the story of Šalov olive oil farm and how their best olive oil is made – from picking olives to bottling their unique Golden Olive Oil.

As you explore the green inland areas of Marina, you’ll come upon olive groves at almost every step. This area produces excellent olive oil, due to a perfect combination of sunshine, great soil composition and gentle Mediterranean climate. All of this gives olive oil a distinctive taste, and it is highly regarded by gourmets.


Sun-filled olive oil

“Three generations live and work at Šalov family farm. We deeply respect nature and produce in the most natural way possible. A blend of sun and sea breeze, along with the microclimate of the hinterland area add a distinctly unique flavour to our olives,” says olive grower Alen Šalov.

Building on traditions of the past and integrating sustainable practices into their production, creating award-winning extra virgin olive oil and a boutique range of organic gourmet produce.


A to Z of olives and olive oil

Learn the entire story of how olive oil is made in their unique way. At the Šalov tasting room, Alen will tell you about 200 years old olive trees, olive groves with more than 650 olive trees, olive oil and how the management of the grove aims to preserve species diversity and reduce the footprint on the environment. 

You will also learn about the process of determining the quality of olive oil. By tasting, you will get to know the characteristics of the samples by yourself and learn about the properties of extra virgin olive oil. You will also have a chance to buy their premium hand-filled olive oil.


Unique collection of olives from Mediterranean countries

Every oil producer leaves a unique mark on their oil.  Olive oil farm Šalov took a step further and planted special olive grove with more than 50 varieties of olives from different Mediterranean countries, especially from Italy. Planting such a precious collection of olives at one grove is an outstanding project and it will result in a rare ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil.


From an olive to oil

Olives have been grown for centuries using traditional farming methods and are all handpicked during harvest time. Handpicked harvesting is of great importance to the quality and provenance of their extra virgin olive oil. The olive harvesting season runs from October to November and they’ll also be happy if you give them a hand in the olive grove.

Carefully picked olives make their way to a special oil press within 24 hours. There is no mixing or blending with other oils to ensure genuine extra virgin olive oil quality.

Golden Olive Oil - a true taste of luxury

“We have decided to offer memorable, boutique experience to our guests. The hand-picked high quality extra virgin olive oil is infused with 24-karat edible gold flakes. Golden Olive Oil goes well with bitter chocolate cakes, mousses or ice cream or as dressing for creamy soups and salads. Its aromatic and golden properties are truly captivating!” says Alen.

Golden Olive Oil can be a premium gift for gourmets. It can also be interesting for chefs as it can bring a taste of luxury to their gastronomic delights.


Natural Olive Wood products

Family Šalov also handcrafts the finest olive wood products. Alen loves the woodcarving craft and with his father and his son, they have formed an experienced team of hard working artisans.

They produce naturally beautiful kitchen products, lamps, pens and other souvenirs, all boasting the distinct swirling patterns of the trees’ twisted trunks. Their products are safe and sustainable, coated in a protective layer of olive oil.


From the heart, for the home

Would you like to see how olive oil is made? Or buy unique olive wood products? Visit Šalov olive oil farm, learn about their story of olive oil and let your taste buds feels its quality.