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Municipality of Marina - beautiful nature, untouched beaches, clear sea and lots of fun for the whole family

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Sylvia Wellness & Yoga Retreat

Inspiration for Holistic Wellness & Yoga Retreat

Reconnect and reinvigorate your senses in a picturesque village of incredible natural beauty, with meaningful experiences and boutique wellness treatments.

In this disconnected word, you need to find a way how best to reconnect – firstly, within yourself and secondly with the people and world around you.  Sylvia Nunes will guide you on a journey of discovery through your body, mind and heart, to help you reestablish your relationship with others and the natural world.

Sylvia is a certified coach specializing in self-transformation & holistic wellness programs. She teaches daily practicing of Tibetan Yoga which promotes harnessing the fountain of youth within us. She is originally from Brazil and has moved to the small village of Vrsine, the home of her partner Mario.

The incredible natural beauty of this place inspired her to combine ecotourism with wellness knowledge and develop boutique holistic retreats. 


Her story and wisdom

»I was working as a consultant for multinational companies for a number of year. After dealing with chronic stress and anxiety I realized that I want to live my life fully and purposefully. Without stress. So I decided to take my first step towards self-transformation. I started to travel to ecovillages around the world and learn how to put community, sustainability, and wellness at the heart of any development process.«

With great stubbornness and perseverance, she successfully transformed her life and developed a unique collection of rituals, reconnection experiences, and wellness days that will reignite your curiosity and passion for eco travel.

»Now I start each day with gratitude in my heart. I connect with my divine feminine which is full of energy, intuition and unconditional love. I live with a purpose because I want to contribute to society. I am aware that learning never stops. I believe that long and healthy life is only possible if it is aligned with the beauty of our true nature – from within to without.”


 Measurable actions for positive impact

»We live on Mother Earth just for a very short time, but we leave behind such a devastating trail. I feel obliged to take responsibility, to respect and preserve what our ancestors gave us and to regenerate what has been destroyed.«

She cares deeply about the people, the culture, and the ecosystem she is part of and wants you to experience the magic first hand. Everything from planting fruit trees and reforestation projects to clean-ups in collaboration with the local association “Eco village Vrsine”. 

Say hello to a whole new you!

Sylvia designed her own holistic wellness program “360° Quality Life” that promotes connection with nature, relaxation, self-care, pushes the reset button and opens up new possibilities. It takes place at eco village Vrsine, in the midst of olive groves and ancient trails, during the spring and autumn months.  

You will experience a layered approach to wellness in tune with your natural flow. To find harmony and balance from the inside out and outside in. The unique approach will take you as deep as you would like to go – from core beauty that will change the way you look, to personalized wellness programs that can change your whole outlook on life.


Unplug to recharge in Open Village Vrsine

“It’s about the natural beauty of this place that stops you in your tracks. A lesser known, yet accessible location.  A sense of community with sustainability at its heart.  A truly sustainable lifestyle. And about distinct wellness experiences, so you feel the difference in your mind, body, and soul.” says Silvia.


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