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Municipality of Marina - beautiful nature, untouched beaches, clear sea and lots of fun for the whole family

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Traditional architecture

Heritage rural stay that champions sustainability

Return to nature and to your own true self in accommodation that has preserved tradition in a contemporary way.

Spend the night in a renovated stone house that was once inhabited by locals. At eco villa Home Sweet Home, tradition blends with modernity and the local authentic natural environment.  Romantic souls will love this rural villa with unique character and charm. It is located in Marina countryside, in the village of Vrsine, only 15 min drive from the city of Trogir.


Green accommodation inspired by tradition

The owner Irina Salvezani decided to preserve original architecture and pleasant homeliness, but also to embrace innovation with a touch of modern design. This renovated stone house now serves as a pleasant holiday home that will give you the feeling of time slowing down, allowing you to focus solely on yourself and your loved ones.


It all started because of a curious donkey

“I always wanted to spend my retirement somewhere in the countryside. I was really longing to enjoy nature and to be part of a community where people support and help each other. I think this is really important, especially when you get older.” says Irina.

She started her search to buy a piece of land, her friend told her about the village of Vrsine. As she was driving through this charming village and stopped in front of a ruin of an old stone house, she immediately felt “that special something”. As she was looking at it, she could already imagine how amazing it would if it was renovated.

Irina continues, “It was a hot summer day and the windows of my car were wide open. Suddenly, a donkey came by and curiously placed his head through the window. At that moment, I felt that this is it! I decided to buy this house and to bring it back to life!”


A deep respect for local architecture

“I respect local architecture and believe that stone house has a soul. During the restoration phase I was collaborating with Ivo Vojnović – an expert in historical buildings. I had a vision to build a home that embodies the architectural design of a Dalmatian stone house in a modern way, to evoke a feeling of warmth.”  she explains.

It is furnished in the traditional style with the help of local master craftspeople and offers superior comfort based on natural materials.


Inspiration for younger generations

There are a lot of abandoned old stone houses in Dalmatian hinterland. Younger generations have moved to larger cities or even abroad, and these houses are their ancestral heritage. Irina feels very proud when people visit her villa in search of inspiration and advice on how to renovate their properties.

She says that we need to respect our ancestors and to preserve this heritage for our future generations. “I am always encouraging people to be more aware of the importance of preserving their environment and implementing sustainable practices. If you ask me, the ultra-modern architecture should not be permitted in rural areas. Only the traditional accommodations with a modern twist,” she explains.


Countryside luxury for romantic souls

Authentic contact with nature is becoming more and more valued and Irina sees sustainable tourism development as the only right way. The world is changing and with it the awareness that it is not good to turn your back on mother nature and community of people that surrounds us. It draws us to our roots, to the primordial feeling of ourselves and our surroundings.

And what could be more beautiful than to seek shelter somewhere where you feel at home, in touch with nature and among friendly people, where you really feel being yourself? Opt for eco villa Home Sweet Home that has been awarded the Green Key and Dalmatia Green label for its sustainable and green efforts, when you plan your next holiday.


Holidays with a positive impact

Irina perceives sustainability not only as caring for the environment and preserving local tradition but by having a positive impact in the local community. 3% of every reservation is paid to the “Association eco village Vrsine”, to support local clean-ups and projects dedicated to sustainable tourism development.

You can rent this outstanding villa all year round. The Wi-Fi is excellent, so you can also work remotely and enjoy sustainable lifestyle in any season.