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Municipality of Marina - beautiful nature, untouched beaches, clear sea and lots of fun for the whole family

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Sevid is one of the villages in the municipality of Marina, and as most small places in Dalmatia - those on the shore and those tucked inland - it does not easily reveal its marvels, at least not on first sight. To taste and experience what Sevid has to offer to its guests, you have to immerse yourself in it with all your senses and give it time to show you the pallet of its treasures. And in Sevid, these are plentiful.

The area was named after the Church of Sv. Vid (Saint Vid). Saint Vid, originally Vitus, who was a victim of Diocletian's persecutions as a child, has been worshiped in a large part of Europe ever since ancient times. Many churches in Dalmatia are dedicated to him, and several small towns and villages are named after him. Sevid is one of them. The church of this local protector, recently reconstructed, is located on the slope of the hill with a magical view of the Sevid peninsula.

East of the peninsula is the bay of Stari Trogir, recognizable by its almost square shape, with a sandy beach. The bay Stari Trogir has been an attractive location since ancient times, as proven by the rich archaeological heritage of a spacious residential and economic complex from Roman times, which has not yet been fully explored. In the easily visible remains of the complex, situated on the shore itself, parts of ancient thermae, or bathing facilities, can be recognized, along with a tank, frigidarium and the remains of a mosaic, but the rest of this complex is partially located in the vineyards, a bit farther inland, and partially sunken in the sea. 

Sevid still cherishes this ancient combination of farming and relaxing in the countryside. Vine grapes and olives are still the two main elements of local agriculture whose extremely high-quality fruits are greatly valued and an unavoidable ingredient of Sevid's local cuisine. Modern Sevid responded to the need for relaxation and the possibility of escaping the urban bustle with luxury villas, holiday homes and apartments in the countryside, alongside a select catering offer. Accommodation and catering units in Sevid, together with shops and cafés, allow guests to have a wonderful stay without having to leave their destination at all.