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St. James (Sv. Jakov), 16th c

After the temporary cessation of the Ottoman threat in the 16th century, a new parish church of St. James was built outside the defensive walls. It was built of the stone remains of the defensive Renaissance walls and in the shape of a Latin cross with two side chapels added in the 19th century. On the main façade, above the portal, there is a stone rosette above which rises a bell gable, with two bells. In the church, there are magnificent baroque altars dedicated to St. James v with his picture and the altar of Saint Blaise (Sv. Blaž) with his statue.  In the chapel of St. James there is also a baptistery. You can see an oil painting of the Assumption of Mary on the main altar, beneath which is a marble tabernacle built by craftsman Peter Cavallieri. At the end of the 17th century, he also made two altars dedicated to the Immaculate Conception and Saint Blaise.

The year of its construction, 1594, and the year of its renovation, 1970, are inscribed on the dedicatory plaque. High on the wall in front of the sanctuary, there is a large crucifix, and the entrance to the church loggia is under the choir. Next to the sanctuary, on the left, there is a sacristy. The floor is paved with stone panels hiding tombs from the 16th century on which some of the oldest surnames of Marina can be found. From the 18th century until today, there has been a local cemetery around the church, which was renovated by the locals and the municipality of Trogir in 1898. The votive day is 25th July, together with the traditional solemn celebration of St James.