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St John the Baptist (Sv. Ivan Krstitelj), 15th c

The Church of St John the Baptist was built in time of building the castle, the citadel, together with the fortified village Marina, Bosiljina. Right next to the church, you can find the main door of the citadel, forming a unit with the fortified walls. Above the main door of the citadel is the stone coat of arms of the Bishop of Trogir, Franjo Marcello, who began building the fortress with the enclosed settlement around 1495, to protect the villagers from the Ottomans. That is how the land fort was created, along with the Tower at sea which was accessed by a drawbridge. The Church of St John the Baptist was built in the Gothic - Renaissance style and it was entered from the citadel, and, after the end of the Ottoman threat, the western doors were opened, in front of which the village square was is formed. At that time, the church also took some elements of the Baroque style, while in 1866 a town clock was added. After you enter from the right, you can see a small chapel with a stone baptistery and arch as well as a stone altar with the image of St. John the Baptist in the apse. Small Renaissance windows are on the left wall of the church, while on the right there is a piece of a stone fragment of the architrave of the pre-altar partition with plateresque style ornaments and a Latin inscription from the period of the Duke Muncimir from the end of the 9th century. The inscription „+ HOC TEMP(L)UM UNERABILIS BEATI CE…“ reveals a possible dedication to an unknown Saint (St. Cyprian?) or to the potential Drid district-prefect as a church donor. Children have been baptized for centuries in the church of this esteemed saint, which is one of the reasons why John (Ivan) used to be, and still is, one of the most common personal names in Marina. Masses are held on the holiday of St John -June 24.