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The Citadel (Citadela), 15th c

In front the tower Marinska Kula, which is fully located at sea, there was once a square stone fortress (The Citadel) on the shore. The Citadel was the central part of the village Marina, and it was surrounded by walls of a rectangular ground plan with corner towers. The Citadel was connected to the tower Marinska Kula with a wooden drawbridge, thus constituting a single defensive structure. Inside the fortress, besides defense and economic buildings, and because of the growing Ottoman threat, the church of St John the Baptist was also built. The north façade faced the sea, wall the main gate on the west was fortified with a defense post (machicolation). In the immediate vicinity of the fortress, a village was formed according to the Renaissance principle. Family houses were built, for the safety of residents, exclusively within the walls, and some of them formed a defensive wall that surrounded the entire settlement. The layout of the streets was conditioned by the position on the hill, and there was a small square (Brce) at the gate of the citadel. During the Cretan War in 1657, during the battle at Marina (Marinska bitka), the Citadel suffered great damage and has not yet been fully restored.