Marina -centre of Municipality

Marina is a small place located in the Bay with the same name; the place is the Centre of the Municipality, which consists of 15 more small places. Marina has about 1000 inhabitants, while the whole municipality has about 5000 inhabitants. The good transport connections and proximity of the ancient cities of Trogir (12 km) Split (36 km) and Šibenik (36 km) offers you the ability to reach any of them in short time and to enjoy the ambience of UNESCO’s Cities.

Local residents have been engaged in fishing and agriculture for a long time. On the surrounding hills grow the centuries-old olive trees; it is therefore not surprising that this region is widely known for its production of olive oil. Marina is dominated by the picturesque fortification, the former mansion of the bishops of Trogir from the 15th century. Above the Marine is located Drid hill that dominates the entire area. It used to be the seat of Drid County, whose ruins can still be seen on the hill.

St. Philip and James’s cave is located along the old main road, near Marina. It is situated at an altitude of 140 m, and in the cave is a chapel. The cave was visited by the Emperor Franz Joseph I in 1891. In the cave were found numerous items, such as prehistoric knives, terrines, cups, glasses, Roman coins, heads on relieves from Late Antiquity etc. Riviera Marina consists of three small picturesque Dalmatian places: Vinišće, Poljica and Sevid that will win you at aglance.

Your little oasis of peace
Find your little oasis of peace on one of the many beaches. In the area of the municipality there are registered numerous archaeological monuments that are waiting for you to discover them.


St. Philip and Jacob’s Cave is located by the old highway near the town of Marina. It lies at 140 m above sea level, and is 6,5 m wide and 4 m high in the centre. There is a chapel in the cave, 4 m long, 3 m wide and also 3 m high together with the roof. On the chapel altar is an oil painting, which was made by unknown artist, depicting St. Roch, protector against plague.
An interesting 17th-century legend is linked to this cave. Namely, local peasants would hide their cattle inside the cave during bad weather or in times of war. So, wanting to express their gratitude, they decided to build a chapel at the cave entrance. Whenever they started to build it, whey would find it demolished the next day. They started watching the entrance and caught a little dark man, who asked them not to shelter the cattle inside the cave anymore, but to build a church instead. And so they did.


The hill Drid carries memories of one of the oldest Croatian counties by its very name, but also by the material remains. Drid hides ruins of fortifictions, and it was inhabited even in prehistory, probably due to its strategic significance. Today it is the home of St. Mary of Drid Church (Our Lady of the Snow), which is located on the top of the hill. This church was built during last century, although there are some traces suggesting that there was an early Christian church on the same location. This used to be the center of Drid County, but it was probably abandoned before the Ottoman invasion. There are ruins of defensive walls around the church

THE TOWER OF MARINA – most distinctive landmark

The Tower of Marina is one of the town’s most distinctive landmarks. It was built by the Venetians as a defensive tower in case of land or sea invasion during the 15th century. It was later enlarged with a castle and city walls surrounding the entire settlement to protect its inhabitants from the encroaching Turkish army. For a period of time, the Tower of Marina was used by Bishop Franjo Marcello as a summertime villa. It has been recently converted into a four-star hotel. Today it is undoubtedly the brightest jewel in the crown of Marina’s cultural heritage site offerings.

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Visit Marina, explore its interesting past, our generous people, our beautiful nature and pristine sea.