Open villages in inland Marina Municipality

Take time out in the peaceful countryside

Get away from the crowd and escape to the serene countryside of Marina. Just a short drive from the historic city of Trogir will bring you to an old world of picturesque Dalmatian villages.

Discover the hidden jewels of nature and culture

Discover a slower pace of life among olive orchards, drystone walls and fertile fields. Let your senses be awakened by sounds and smells of beautiful, green nature.


Head to the green Marina’s countryside. Lasting impressions await you.

Indulge in Unique Experiences

Enjoy a selection of eco experiences that go hand in hand with the seasons.


Explore authentic local customs and traditions, culinary specialties, taste organically produced food, buy quality handcrafted products and experience the genuine hospitality of local people. 

Get to know the green stories of local people

A sneak peek into local life


Locals will welcome you with open doors and invite you to visit them all year round. Find out more about the most passionate ambassadors of sustainable tourism. Let their authenticity, ingenuity and perseverance inspire you.  

Experience the olive oil-making tradition with Šalov family

The world of liquid treasure

Follow the story of Šalov olive oil farm and how their best olive oil is made – from picking olives to tasting world-class oil with gold flakes. 

Buy superfood from Vesna Jakus

Microgreens, herbs and edible flowers

Microgreens from Jakus family farm are full of antioxidants, vitamin, and minerals – a perfect superfood product for foodies, families and restaurant chefs.

Reconnect with Sylvia Nunes

Holistic Wellness & Yoga Retreat

Reconnect and reinvigorate your senses in a picturesque village of incredible natural beauty, with meaningful experiences and boutique wellness treatments.

Discover herbal treasures with Mira Rozga

Take in the scent of herbal Dalmatia

Inhale pleasant scents of the herb farm and take home a piece of nature with home-grown herbal products.

Learn about traditional architecture from Irina Salvezani

Heritage rural stay that champions sustainability

Return to nature and to your own true self in accommodation that has preserved tradition in a contemporary way.

Sleep under the stars at Glamping Marta. 

Experience luxury amongst the olive trees

Choose an experience of comfort and nature. Learn about the unique story of the Rinčić family and turn your holiday into an unforgettable adventure of outdoor living.

Taste local cuisine with Roberto Nedeljko

Sustainability on a plate

If you crave premium local gastronomy while exploring the areas around Marina, look no further than Tavern Donja Banda.

Act green with Mario Matijaš

Taking care of nature and local community

Spend your family holiday in Marina’s countryside. Learn about rural development, participate in local clean-ups, and relax by doing activities in nature.

Welcome to the inland Marina.
365 days a year.

The project “Open villages in Dalmatia” is co-financed by the Central Dalmatia Tourism Board.


Visit Marina


Visit Marina, explore its interesting past, our generous people, our beautiful nature and pristine sea.