Poljica a new tourist 


Poljica, a new tourist destination, grew up in the proximity of the chapel of St. Luke, who is patron of the place. Special ture of this place development of modern tourist apartments and rooms. Accomodation and excellent service guarantee the necessary comfort. So your holiday and pleasure would not be reduced at any time.

There is the church of St. Luke, the patron of the place, built in 13th/ 14th century and remains . There are also the remains of the St. Peter’s church in Sumpetar cove.

Place has shops and catering facilities and newly built recreation football field.


St. Luke Church was built in Poljica, a village that previously was called Rastinić. The name “Rastinić“ was first mentioned around the half of the 13th century, in a document by which heirs of a man named Vitača donated St. Dominius and St. Nicholas monastery. Unfortunately, the exact year of construction is unknown.. The stone above the door is adorned with the coat of arms of the Sobota family from Trogir. The interior has been altered considerably. There is a stone altar in the apse. Although the church was renovated in 1996, Gothic features from the 13th or 14th century when the church was erected are still visible.

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