Vinišće – unique feeling 

of tranquility and peace.

Vinišće, a small fishing village only 8 km away from Marina, provides a unique feeling of tranquility and peace. The place is located in a beautiful quiet bay with crystal clear sea water and untouched nature, and is ideal for lovers of quiet family vacations in private rooms, villas, apartments and holiday homes.

Visitors who seek adventure but also cherish their privacy will enjoy exploring one of the many hidden coves, such as Voluja, Ljubljeva and Ričevo Vrelo. The exact time of the origin of the settlement remains unknown, but the name Vinišće was first mentioned in documents of Trogir canon from 1272. The cultivation of grapes in Vinišće dates back to Roman times, so the name of the place is derived from the vineyard (Vinišća, old Croatian word for vineyards).

Vines were planted by former Roman soldiers in places with were favourable conditions, and Vinišće, with its protected bay and fertile soil was ideal for cultivation. During the Middle Ages the territory was divided into the Diocese, the lower coastal part, and Opatija (the Abbey) – the upper continental part. From the 9th to the 12th century in the Vinišće area monasteries and churches were built, and the ruins are still visible.


The town has several beautiful churches. Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (St. George) in Orihovica was founded by Benedictine monks in 1272. It is surrounded by an old cemetery with stone tombstones, the so-called “stećci”. Church of St. Anthony of Padua (Our Lady of Mount Carmel) was built in the 18th ct. in Vinišće itself. The new parish church of Sacred Heart holds a picture by an unknown painter from the 19th ccentury. The church of St. Joh, situated on the cape Ploča, was built in 1332. According to the legend, it was built on the exact spot where Blessed John of Trogir miraculously saved castaways from Šibenik whose ship had sunk. The famous Renaissance sculptor Ivan Duknović was born in Vinišće around 1440. His house was near the quarry Voluja from which he took the stone for the Trogir cathedral. He created statues in Rome, Venice and elsewhere. His stone relief “Madonna with a Child” is placed today above the tomb of Pope John Paul II.


Via Crucis underwater museum is a private project owned by Blue Nautica company from Trogir and as such is the only “Stations of the Cross Under the Sea”. The location of our underwater museum and private beach with aquapark is in the beautiful quiet bay of Jelinak in Municipality of Marina, only 2 nautical miles from Trogir.

In a wide range of our offer, with motorboat charter and diving in our diving center, Blue Nautica in Trogir operates as a renowned diving school. In order to offer our clients, charter guests, but also everyone else something new and unique, a refreshing tourist offer, a new tourist attraction, we came to the idea to create our own museum under the sea, which includes a private beach with aquapark. As a theme of the underwater museum, we chose Stations of the Cross with all the 14 Stations, because it does not exist anywhere in the world. The permanent exhibition of the museum consists of 14 stations with a total of 52 life-size statues and a large 8-meter tall statue of Jesus Christ in the form of 15th station – ‘’Resurrection of Jesus Christ’’.

All the statues are handmade, unique, made of concrete with ferrocement technique and as such are completely eco-friendly. The whole underwater story is set at a small depth of only 4 to 5 meters and the large 8-meter tall statue at a depth of 10 meters so that we can enable sightseeing to everyone – children and adults, experienced divers, complete scuba beginners, as well as to the ordinary swimmers. Behind us is a successful first year, and according to all indicators and overall reactions, we believe the future will be even more successful. Due to the overall experience provided by the site’s attractions, the name “No Stress Zone” came naturally. Anchorage is provided for boaters while scuba divers, scuba beginners, swimmers, families with children or groups of friends can board our motorboats on the Trogir waterfront.

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