Zagora – original Dalmatian 


Go for a kilometer further into the interior and feel the indigenous atmosphere of the Marina Zagora. This extremely preserved area is rich in many archaeological sites. It represents a place where original Dalmatian traditions and cultures have been preserved with their customs, costumes and local gastronomy. It is emphasized almost untouched nature and numerous preserved traditional villages with original stone houses. Blizna village (Blysa), located between the Bristivica and Mitla villages, is the first mentioned 1251 at the foot of the Vilaina area of the medieval Drid County.

Here is the church of Sv. Mary, mentioned in the Trogir literature in 1300. It comes from IX. century. Around the church there is a cemetery where there are stone mountlets and old tombstones. A necropolis from the early Croatian era was discovered in 2000. The village of Blizna Gornja is an ancient archaeological site located in the “krško” area on the border of Trogir and Sibenik, a place abundant with springs that never dry for summer draughts.

In the past, these springs and puddles have had great significance in livestock farming and agricultural production of the local population. At the time of the lowest summer watering, people have in the past cleaned the accumulated sediment and used it as a fertile land for vegetable growing and viticulture. In the area of Zgona there are two springs called Bliznica. In addition, fragments of ancient Roman ceramic were found.


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