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Municipality of Marina - beautiful nature, untouched beaches, clear sea and lots of fun for the whole family

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A relatively young settlement on the northern coast of the Marina Bay completely oriented towards tourist life. A wide range of accommodation and catering offers facilities for everone.

Poljica still cherishes this ancient combination of farming and relaxing in the countryside. Vine grapes and olives are still the two main elements of local agriculture whose extremely high-quality fruits are greatly valued and an unavoidable ingredient of Poljica's local cuisine. Modern Poljica responded to the need for relaxation and the possibility of escaping the urban bustle with luxury villas, holiday homes and apartments in the countryside, alongside a select catering offer.

The Church of St. Luke from the 13th and 14th centuries in Poljica may be found at the location of the former village Rastinić, which was first mentioned in writing in the 13th century. The interior has been altered considerably. There is a stone altar in the apse. Although the church was renovated in 1996, Gothic features from the 13th or 14th century when the church was erected are still visible. The stone above the door is adorned with the coat of arms of the Sobota family from Trogir.

The second church in Poljica is dedicated to St. Joseph, and it was built on the hilly position of Gorač, in the village of Vrsine.

According to local tradition, there used to be a tower in Poljica as well. It eventually sank into the sea, but the remains of its walls may be recognized in a stone mound called Muline.

The toponym Koludrovac or Koludraški krug, on the east coast of the bay of Poljica, preserves the memory of five koludrica (nuns) who, while running away from the Turks, cast themselves into the sea from this very place. However, it was just Jele, the only one who knew how to swim, who saved herself and reached the other side of the bay.