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Marina -centre of Municipality

Marina is a small place located in the Bay with the same name; the place is the Centre of the Municipality, which consists of 15 more small places. Marina has about 1000 inhabitants, while the whole municipality has about 5000 inhabitants.

Poljica: tourist attraction

Poljica, a new tourist destination, grew up in the proximity of the chapel of St. Luke, who is patron of the place. Special ture of this place development of modern tourist apartments and rooms. Accomodation and excellent service guarantee the necessary comfort.

Sevid: ideal place for holiday

Sevid is an ideal place for a quiet holiday away from the city noise and large tourist centers. Accommodation in Sevid can be found in one of the luxury villas, holiday homes or in one of the many apartments and there you can enjoy the untouched nature and crystal clear sea.

Vinisce: unique feeling of peace

Vinišće, a small fishing village only 8 km away from Marina, provides a unique feeling of tranquility and peace. The place is located in a beautiful quiet bay with crystal clear sea water and untouched nature, and is ideal for lovers of quiet family vacations.

Zagora: experience Dalmatia

If you go for a few kilometres further inland you will experience the authentic atmosphere. This exceptionally well-perserved area is rich in many archaeological sites. This is an area in which are preserved the orginal Dalmatian traditions and culture.

Guide: how to reach us

You can access Marina by road, air or sea. The municipality is situated next to the Adriatic coastal highway (D8) which connects the southern section of Croatia to its hinterland. If you’re arriving from the north, take the D1 highway from Zagreb via Karlovac– this will lead you directly to Marina.

  1. The tower of Marina

    The Tower of Marina is one of the town’s most distinctive landmarks. It was built by the Venetians as a defensive tower in case of land or sea invasion during the 15th century. It was later enlarged with a castle and city walls surrounding the entire settlement to protect its inhabitants from the encroaching Turkish army. For a period of time, the Tower of Marina was used by Bishop Franjo Marcello as a summertime villa. Today it is undoubtedly the brightest jewel in the crown of Marina’s cultural heritage site offerings.

  2. Dalmatian cousine brings You the best Mediterran has to offer.

    Dalmatian cuisine is characterised by the use of natural products which, when properly combined and prepared, make for delicious and very special dishes. It could be said that the Dalmatian food is based on three essential pillars – olive oil, vegetables and fruit. Indeed, these three pillars have provided the sustenance of the Dalmatians peoples for more than five thousand years.The humidity from the sea, the long hours of sunshine, the mild weather and the fertile lands produce a rich and varied harvest.

  3. “Old” Trogir Cove – Sevid  sandy coves

    Stari (“Old”) Trogir Cove – Sevid – a culturally protected archeological site, is one of the most well-known sandy coves in the area. The remains of a large, luxurious maritime villa which remains partially hidden beneath the sea’s surface.

  4. Our Lady of the snow

    The original church was built in the 6th century and is 170 m above sea level. This can be substantiated by the semicircular arch constructed above the doorway with a stone inscription dating back to that time period. It is identical to the arched inscription in the Diocletian’s Palace in the heart of Split, with a missing section from the frontal display. A coat of arms was later carved into the mantle during the 15th century.
    Holy mass is held once a year on the Madonna’s Feast Day, August 5, as well as Easter Monday, when the springtime fields are blessed for prosperity.

  5. Cycling trails

    We hope that the newly constructed recreational trails will contribute to the development of Marina as a sports and recreation destination. Due to the fact that we make part of the Cycle- Croatia program, our trails are linked to the trails of the municipalities of Primošten and Rogoznica and we hope that they will be recognized by a large number of foreign and local cycling clubs, travel agencies or alliances and that their activities will be focused towards this area.

  6. Pristine beaches and clean sea.

    One of the Marina municipality best know feature are numerous pristine beaches with clean Adriatic sea. Beaches vary from public beaches with various attractions and fun activities for adults and children, bars and restuarants. Those who like a bit more private time can explore numerous small beaches scattered across the coast.

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